‘I believe that a woman’s inner beauty reflects on the surface and that it should always be celebrated.  

True beauty is all about being and seeing the best version of yourself…confidently…naturally!’


 – from Odara Mineral Beauty founder, Amanda Eskdale

Odara Mineral Beauty About Us

How Odara Mineral Beauty began…

Founded in 2016, Odara Mineral Beauty is the long-awaited creation of a Scottish beauty therapist with a passion for skin care.  With over 25 years experience in the beauty industry, especially in a world of ever-changing technologies and advancing scientific research, its Founder, Amanda Eskdale, understood the need for natural makeup and cosmetics.  She wanted to create a makeup and skincare brand that would enhance the lives of her customers bringing to them not only health benefits, but confidence and peace of mind too.  

‘UK skins are like no other in the world.  Our tones and textures differ greatly.  We are more delicate and often drier due to the harsher, continually changing elements and environmental factors and, in turn, can be more sensitive.  Most of the cosmetic products that are available to us today do not meet our unique needs particularly when they are manufactured overseas where ingredient regulations are less strict consequently contributing also to the skin problems we have.’  

Amanda wanted to created a range that would eliminate harmful ingredients, be more suited to British skins and truthful in its word.  She wanted to bring you only the best!  And so, while formulating trust in all levels, Odara Mineral Beauty was born.  

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The mission statement…

Our aim is to provide you with the very best of skincare bringing you affordable quality of the highest standard in a brand you can trust.  It is our mission at Odara Mineral Beauty to discover YOUR beauty and help bring out the BEST in you.

Only with Odara Mineral Beauty will you experience exactly what it says on the tin and with a dedicated team that listens to its customers, not only will our success grow but our relationship with you, too.  Confidence in Odara Mineral Beauty makes confidence in you!

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