Help & FAQs

What makes Odara Mineral Beauty superior and stand out from other brands and why should you choose US as your No1 cosmetic choice for your makeup and skincare?  

At Odara Mineral Beauty, we provide you with only the absolute highest quality mineral makeup.  Raw mineral ingredients are available all over the world at different grades.  We ensure our products contain only the finest purity making Odara Mineral Beauty simply the best!

Our skincare range contains the most trusted of organic essential oils and natural plant based ingredients.  You will not find any harmful additives, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances in our products.

Are Odara Mineral Beauty products suitable for anyone?

Although we had British skins (particularly Scottish) in mind while creating our products, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever skins from other regions will not benefit from Odara Mineral Beauty products.  We consider everyone in our formulations and there is something to suit you all.

Do Odara Mineral Beauty products contain nano-particles or microbeads?  

Absolutely not!  All the raw ingredients used in our formulations have gone through a strict EU Compliance process.  We will not risk the health of our products or our customers.  With the current public issue surrounding microbeads and the effect these have on our marine life, we like to help protect our fishy neighbours and the environment by using only natural ingredients in our exfoliators.  As it should be!

Are Odara Mineral Beauty products tested on animals?  

All our products at Odara Mineral Beauty are animal cruelty-free and we are assured too by our manufacturers that all ingredients supplied also have NOT been tested on animals.

Are Odara Mineral Beauty products suitable for Vegans?

With the exception of our New You Night Elixir (contains Manuka honey) and our other moisturising products that contain silk protein, yes, even our brushes.  We are working hard to make our range completely 100% Vegan friendly.  Our mineral makeup products have also been classified as Halal.

Your makeup and moisturisers claim to contain SPF.  Does this mean I have protection from the sun?  

To a degree, yes.  Although the Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxides contained in our makeup are scientifically known as natural sunscreens, only 15 – 20 minutes of protection from harmful UVA (aging) rays is provided.  The same can be found with our moisturiser.  Please do not confuse exposure to UVB (burning) where there is no protection found in our products.  You should ALWAYS use a sunblock.

Do any Odara Mineral Beauty products contain chemicals?  

All our products are free from parabens, lanolin, mineral oils, additives, artificial fragrances, colours and harmful chemicals.  Odara Mineral Beauty products contain only natural and organic ingredients.  WE DO NOT MAKE ANY SACRIFICES WHEN IT COMES TO BEAUTY.  YOU CAN OBTAIN A FULL INGREDIENT LIST OF EACH OF OUR PRODUCTS ON OUR WEBSITE.

Are Odara Mineral Beauty products suitable for sensitive skins?  

One of the key concerns while creating Odara Mineral Beauty was your sensitivities.  Whereas, almost everyone is allergic to something, even nature, some adverse reactions cannot be helped.  However, through testing and scientific research, it has been concluded that all our products and ingredients contained in them are found to be hypoallergenic.  It is always better to try and test, though, if you are in any doubt and we are happy to supply you with a sample on request.

Is it easy and safe for me to pay for my products online?

Yes.  We use a secure Paypal checkout system.  Your details and transactions are safe with us.

How long after purchasing my products must I wait before they arrive?  

We have a number of delivery options available for you to choose from on checkout.  Please note that these differ depending on where you are in the world.  See more details on this topic by clicking on our Delivery and Shipping section found below.

What if I wish to return my item for a refund?  

Only in extreme cases will we consider a return for either exchange or refund.  Any are subject to review.  We provide a full explanation on returns and refunds in our Returns Policy section, found below, where you will find a complete guide and step-by-step instructions should the need arise.

How can I retail your fantastic products?

Odara Mineral Beauty products are available to purchase in salons, spas, shops and other online stores.  To become a stockist, simply email us at for all the information you need on how to become one.  Becoming an affiliate is really simple and we have great starter packs and opening account offers available to help you with your business.

Can’t find an answer to your question?  

Please contact our Customer Service department by emailing  We will respond to all enquiries as soon as we can and will only be too happy to help with your query.


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